Just another recipe blog?

Well… in a sense… yes. This is another website for recipes. Pure vegan deliciousness, to be a bit more precise!

When you dig deeper, however, you will find that we focus on homemade recipes as you might usually find in some European / Mediterranean cuisine – and take a vegan approach to it. There are so many, traditionally meat-heavy, recipes that were invented decades ago and refined over the years that we do not think we need to necessarily reinvent the wheel.

Instead, we find delicious alternatives in the plant kingdom to help carry traditional cuisine into a future that is good for your tastebuds, your health, and the planet.

When you cook, you want to cook. You don’t want to read about our personal story behind every recipe, how we felt inspired while sipping a coffee – and all the while wondering where that recipe went. Also for the lack of creativity to come up with those stories, we will write recipes only. A quick description to each dish maybe, but otherwise keep it without distractions. Oh, and the pictures are mostly amateurish too.

Traditional mediterranean cuisine goes Vegan

We are hailing from Barcelona, Spain, and collected tons of traditional authentic recipes from moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles – and whoever else likes to cook around here. We re-cooked all recipes ourselves and rated them at least with “incredibly delicious” before publishing. That means, this website is probably going to focus a lot on the Mediterranean / European cuisine. But we don’t limit ourselves to only that.

Recipes and cultures change, have global influences and therefore there will be dishes to cook, that are not 100% Mediterranean. But what you can expect 100% is that no animals were used in the creation of these dishes.