Vegan Chocolate Cookies

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These easy chocolate cookies are originally from Germany (“Schoko Crossies”) and cannot be missed in any home before or during the Christmas season. However, they are good during the whole year, so don’t limit yourselve – and your guests – only to the festive days. They are a perfect excuse to bring chocolate lovers together.

With this recipe you can make some very crunchy, chocolate-coated vegan Christmas cookies of your choice in just 15 minutes! Even the smallest ones in the house can help out – and go crazy when licking some chocolate spoons.

Careful: These chocolate cookies are extremely popular with kids, so make sure to hide some for yourself!


  • 60g – 80g cornflakes (without sugar)

  • 60g – 80g chopped almonds

  • 250g vegan chocolate (white or dark)

  • 10g margarine


  • Melt the chocolate and the margarine in a pot. As a tip: Heat water in a large pot and place a smaller pot in the hot water to melt the chocolate in the smaller one. This will prevent the chocolate from burning.
  • Crush the unsweetened cornflakes a little bit in your hand and add them together with the chopped almonds to the chocolate. Stir well so that the cornflakes and almonds are well coated in the chocolate. If the mixture is too runny, simply add more cornflakes / almonds.
  • Take two small spoons and form mounds of the mixture on a baking paper.
  • Let the choco crossies cool down and enjoy!


  • The almonds can be toasted briefly in a pan before adding to the mixture.
  • If you don’t have almonds on hand or have allergies, feel free to leave them out and use more cornflakes instead

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